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Enhancing cyber resilience in electricity through collaboration

A public-private sector collaboration initiative has been formed by The World Economic Forum. It is called the “Systems of Cyber Resilience: Electricity” initiative.

The group is made up of 50 Electricity Industry leaders from across all sectors.

The aim of the initiative is to enhance cyber resilience within the electricity ecosystem.

Following on from their meetings, their first report was published in 2019. The report details principles that help board members and CEOs look at the risks in cyber resilience in the electricity ecosystem and offers solutions on how to manage and combat them.

The work from this initiative is based on three main pillars:

  • Organisational – Assessing and improving the cyber maturity of electricity industry organisations, while promoting effective implementation of the board principles for cyber resilience across the ecosystem
  • Regulation – Increasing the effectiveness of cyber resilience framework implementation by fostering a dialogue between policy makers and businesses to change approaches to new regulations
  • Supply Chain Resilience – Improving supply chain resilience by establishing common expectations regarding cyber-security roles and responsibilities between stakeholders

Source: The World Economic Forum

Categories: Environment, Sustainability, Electricity
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