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Collaboration at the heart of advancements in sustainable energy

The International Energy Agency have found that only 7 out of 45 sustainable energy technologies are advancing at a rate that will meet Paris Agreement targets.

The aim of the project is to quicken the development and adoption of sustainable technologies through forging international partnerships.

The main strategic collaboration is with Mission Innovation, a collective of 24 countries plus the European Union. They strive towards achieving public and private sector cooperation in sustainable energy technology innovation.

As a result of this project, a six point report was published in 2018. The six points detail ways to develop sustainable energy innovation more efficiently.

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum have formed a collaboration where they have developed a new concept; the Global Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund (SEIF). A milestone in this sector.

The SEIF plans to combine private and public finances to reduce risk and fund landmark developments in energy technology.

This fund will help energy innovations globally, allowing collaboration across sectors and boarders to help the world achieve their goals in the fight against climate change.

To read more on this, please head over to The World Economic Forum


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