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TEC Q1 Non-commodity briefing and Executive Summary

Dear TEC Members, Please find the link to TECs Q1 Non-commodity briefing and Executive Summary here www.tec.ac.uk/my-documents/. You will see references to the Targeted Charging…
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Categories: Electricity

Demand hit a new low last week

The demand on the transmission system hit 13.4GW, which was 1.2GW lower than what was forecast. National Grid ESO looked into using their new footroom…
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Categories: Energy (General), Electricity

Ownership of EV’s must increase by 11,000% to achieve Net Zero in the UK

Research by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and sustainability experts Regen, has found that ownership of Electric Vehicle's must increase by 11,000% in order…
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Categories: Energy (General), Electricity, Sustainability

University of Bath adopts climate emergency plan

The University of Bath has declared a state of climate emergency and has henceforth committed to being carbon neutral in electricity, heating and vehicle emissions…
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Categories: Sustainability, Energy (General), Electricity, Environment

UK could fall short of targets due to delayed approval for offshore wind installations

Analytics from GlobalData show that the UK could fall behind on their offshore and emissions targets. This will happen if delays to offshore wind projects…
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Categories: Energy (General), Electricity, Sustainability

Unused roof space in Lambeth could save 100 tonnes of CO2 per year

Empty roof space in Lambeth, the size of 187 football pitches, continues to be unused for solar energy. The development could save 100 tonnes of…
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Categories: Environment, Energy (General), Electricity, Sustainability
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