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UK homes are losing heat three times faster than European homes

UK homes are losing heat three times faster than neighbouring European homes finds Tado° study.

On average, it was found that UK homes lose 3°C after five hours. This is based on an inside temperature of 20°C and an outside temperature of 0°C.

In contrast, Western European homes in places such as Norway and Germany, are losing between 0°C-1°C after 5 hours. Therefore, UK homes are losing heat at a much quicker rate, meaning that UK heating systems are working harder to maintain inside temperatures.

These findings are based on a sample of 80,000 homes between December 2019 and January 2020.

A contributing factor in these findings could be older housing. The UK has the oldest housing stock with around 38% of homes dating from before 1946. This is in comparison to 24% of homes in Sweden or Germany. Other influencing factors could be found in differing financial support from government programmes.

On the whole, energy efficiency and retrofitting home insulation are hot topics at the moment due to the new net-zero targets. The Committee of Climate Change have stated home emissions need to drastically reduce by 2030. This is in order to achieve UK climate targets rather than the 15% of greenhouse gas emissions that are currently emitted.

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