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National Grid

“National Grid” – The continued challenges of operating a centralised network

You’ll have seen our news article from several weeks ago regarding the largest scale power outages in over a decade. National Grid ESO announced the UK’s transmission system protection operated as designed during widespread power outages in August. This affected 1.1 million energy customers as multiple generation assets dropped off the grid after a lightning strike.

But whilst all the associated regulatory bodies seem satisfied, it does raise the urgent question on how the UK can continue to balance, regulate and operate? If it wants this centralised grid to meet the energy trilemma of security, affordability and sustainability.

The issues are far-reaching and complex with new technology (5G), decarbonisation – both of electricity supply and heat generation, the expected future surge in electric vehicles and an increase from 80 generation points feeding into the grid in 2009 to just under 1 million in 2019 complicating the way ahead.

As part of our commitment to keeping Members informed of the issues and challenges faced in energy, we highly recommend the article written by DRAX, which gives an excellent overview of how the National Grid became what we know today, whilst simultaneously looking at the challenges and potential solutions needed for the future.

Could Great Britain go off grid?


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