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Ownership of EV’s must increase by 11,000% to achieve Net Zero in the UK

Research by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and sustainability experts Regen, has found that ownership of Electric Vehicle’s must increase by 11,000% in order of having a net zero UK.

In addition to this, the research states that electric vehicle ownership will increase to 5 million from 44,000 in the South of England and North of Scotland.

EV Readiness Manager for SSEN, Richard Hartshorn, commented:

“We already knew that the uptake of low carbon technologies is likely to leap and could pose major challenges for the resilience of our network. This research gives us a granular, year-by-year breakdown of when and where we should be ready to support the emergence of new technologies which will allow us to invest strategically and keep costs as low as possible for customers.”

Furthermore, the data also found that to achieve net zero, most gas boilers will have to be replaced by heat pumps. In the scenario of being net zero, local electricity networks will need to support almost 2.5 million by 2050.

Source: Energy Live News

Categories: Sustainability, Electricity, Energy (General)
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