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New scheme to unlock regional energy potential in south England

The initiative is a collaboration between National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), National Grid Electricity Transmission (ET) and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

The collaboration has been formed with the aim to more efficiently manage the expansion of distributed energy resources within the south England region. For example, managing small to medium sized solar or wind farms.

Currently, distributed energy resources provide power for regional networks rather than the UK’s main transmission system. This enables power to be drawn from resources other than large power stations.

Following on from this, the new initiative will harness these distributed resources even further allowing them to manage any challenges that they may face from central network conditions e.g. a fault in the network.

Therefore, ESO, ET and SSEN have come together to introduce a system called Active Network Management. This will allow the distributed networks to provide power during expected conditions, something they may not have been able to do before.

Furthermore, this initiative is harnessing renewable energy resources which enables ESO to work towards their goal of becoming carbon free by 2025.

To read more on this, follow this link.

Categories: Sustainability, Energy (General)
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