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Major companies to invest in and expand the EV market

A new alliance has been formed by major global firms to accelerate the growth of the corporate EV market.

Companies such as IKEA, DHL & Amazon are part of the alliance and will be led by US based sustainability organisation, Ceres.

They have come together to encourage the transition to cleaner transport solutions. They believe that this transition is key in fighting the climate crisis.

They plan to present a business case to produce a more diverse range of electric vehicles. Along with this, they plan to produce these vehicles on a larger scale in order to supply fleet operators.

The transition to EV’s in the corporate sector is needed and will hopefully be adopted quickly as Ceres believes that there is a financial incentive to go electric. It brings benefits to companies such as; savings on fuel, lower emissions and enhanced sustainability credentials.

Corporate vehicles account for around half of vehicles on the road in the US so the alliance believe that they could lead the way in this much needed transition.

Transportation is the ‘highest-emitting sector in the US’ so electric vehicles are an essential part in decarbonisation.

Energy Live News expands on this further in their article



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