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West Yorkshire devolution deal

West Yorkshire have secured £1.8 billion for investment in the new budget announced on 11th March 2020.

In addition to this, they will also get their own elected mayor. Once elected, the mayor will work alongside the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. They will oversee policies such as housing and transport.

These decisions are a result of negotiations between council leaders and ministers. Together, the mayor and £1.8 billion in investment will give West Yorkshire “greater flexibility” to address local concerns.

What is included in this deal?

  • £38 million a year for 30 years into the West Yorkshire Investment Fund
  • Commitment from the government to work with West Yorkshire on developing mass-transit systems
  • £317 million to invest in public transport
  • £25 million fund to support the development of a British Library North, Leeds
  • Control of £63 million Adult Education Budget for West Yorkshire
  • £500,000 of funding to support master planning in Bradford City Centre
  • £3.2 million to support the development of a pipeline of housing sites throughout West Yorkshire
  • £200,00 in funding for collaboration at a Yorkshire-level through the Yorkshire Leaders Board

If you would like to read about the devolution deal in greater detail, please follow this link to gov.uk to find out more.

Source: BBC 

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