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West Midlands launches plans in fight against climate change

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has published a report on how the region plans to tackle climate change.

The report details up to 74 actions that everyone from residents to the council can take on. Some of these actions include:

  • Tree-planting programmes
  • Additional electric vehicle charging points across the region
  • Developing eco-friendly homes
  • Introducing a zero-carbon standard on new builds
  • LED lighting across the region
  • Cut out single use plastics within the organisation by 2020

The report and actions are being put in place to reduce the West Midlands impact on climate change and reach carbon neutrality by 2041.

Councillor Ian Courts commented:

“The West Midlands once lead the world in the industrial revolution, bringing wealth, innovation and opportunities to the people of the region. It is only right that the West Midlands should now be leading a new, green revolution which will protect and enhance both our environment and our economy.”

The West Midland Combined Authority has published more information about this on their website http://bit.ly/2t85DVE

Categories: Environment, Sustainability
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