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Unused roof space in Lambeth could save 100 tonnes of CO2 per year

Empty roof space in Lambeth, the size of 187 football pitches, continues to be unused for solar energy.

The development could save 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year as found in new analysis by Energeo.

The financial benefit of installing solar energy infrastructure could be £179 million over a 20 year span. The benefits included within this sum could help with electricity savings, installation costs and export revenue.

CEO of Energeo, Ian Dee, commented:

“It’s vital that local authorities make sound, strategic investment decisions for their net zero initiatives and we are delighted to be helping Lambeth and other councils across the UK.”

Sustainability Officer of London Borough of Lambeth, Matthew Browning, added:

 “Energeo delivered a comprehensive analysis within a few weeks, which has given us the ability to make a strong business case for funding and an evidence base using payback thresholds for prioritising investment.”

Source: Energy Live News

Categories: Environment, Sustainability, Electricity, Energy (General)
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