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Team Spotlight – Water Framework Update

In the month of March we saw World Water Day: Since 1993, it has been celebrated on March 22nd to highlight the importance of freshwater. According to the UN, around 2.2 billion people are living without access to safe water. The day focuses on taking action to tackle the global water crisis.

Working alongside our Water Framework supplier Wave Utilities, TEC made the pledge to the initiative to accelerate change, businesses need to take action, it is not too late to make a pledge:  https://www.wave-utilities.co.uk/world-water-day

Since the TEC Water framework went live in November 2020, one of the focuses was to help support members get a better understanding of their water consumption and usage patterns, of the 63 members who have joined the framework to date 19 members have taken up the option to gain a better understanding of their usage by installing an AMR (Automatic Meter Reader) devise on their meter(s) to ensure any unidentified usage can be highlighted quickly and issues resolved, to date there are 178 meters within the TEC Water framework that have been installed with an AMR devise to help monitor consumption and also ensure data is used for billing purposes.

A useful example of the importance of AMR was recently highlighted at the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) in South Kensington, London. The V&A made the decision to install AMR devises on their water meters via the TEC Water Framework, the devise captured two events of unusual water consumption, which triggered investigations that led to identifying and resolving an issue. Had these two events not been addressed, an excess water consumption of 66m3/day and an associated spend of £143/day would have impacted the Museum, resulting in an annual water loss of 24,090m3 or £52,192.

The AMR alarm process of sending out email notifications when consumption goes above a specific threshold proved really useful and has allowed the Museum to keep the impact of these two incidents to a minimum through taking immediate action.

I would highly recommend this data management solution and the service offered under the TEC Water Framework

Mario Kokkoris | Energy and Compliance Manager | Victoria & Albert Museum

To find out more about TEC’s Water Framework and how AMR devises can help support monitoring your water consumption better, please speak to our inhouse water specialist Ollie Arthurs

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