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Renewable energy to be purchased from local solar farm

Bristol Energy and Gower Power Solar Storage have partnered to supply renewable electricity from a community-owned solar farm.

The project allows residents and businesses within Swansea and Gower to buy reasonably priced renewable energy.

The innovative project will supply 100% clean, renewable energy and will be available to around 300 premises.

Furthermore, if the energy demand exceeds expectations, top-ups will be provided from other clean, renewable sources.

Co-Founder of Gower Power, Ant Flanagan, stated:

“We’re really pleased to have created a way of helping communities lock in more benefits from renewable energy assets local to them.”

The solar farm in question became the first community-owned farm in Wales back in 2017. This development attracted 415 investors and even won a Community Renewable Energy Project Award.

This project is a step in the right direction for sustainability. Bristol energy have published more information on this project at http://bit.ly/3a4qMRf

Categories: Environment, Energy (General)
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