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NHM declares ‘planetary emergency’ along with new strategy for 2031

The Natural History Museum (NHM) has declared a ‘planetary emergency’ and states they want to create ‘advocates for the planet’.

The museum plans to share scientific evidence and data. This information is needed to help with climate instability and the loss of biodiversity.

As a leader in culture and science, the NHM has put forward a strategy that includes:

  • The Urban Nature Project – Tackling urban biodiversity
  • Expanding to create a new science centre
  • A calendar of events & activities supporting biodiversity

Furthermore, they are the first museum worldwide to create a science based carbon reduction target. This target is also in line with the 1.5°C  of the Paris climate agreement.

The 11 year strategy has been put in place to take action on the destructive impact that we are having on our planet. The carefully chosen opening quote of the statement from David Attenborough states:

“The future of the natural world, on which we all depend, is in your hands”

A powerful reminder of the influence we have to change our actions for the better and look after the environment we live in.

The strategy aims to see the planet and humanity thrive.

They plan to create advocates of the planet, from the children who visit to global captains of industry, through inspiring and informing them on how anyone can make a difference.

To read more on this, please follow this link to The Natural History Museum’s press release http://bit.ly/36nVwt9


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