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Moving Britain Ahead – Future of Transport Regulatory Review

The UK government have published their Future of Transport Regulatory Review. The plan for transport comes as the government want to UK to shape the future of transport by being a world leader.

The governments approach will be underpinned by the following principles:

  1. New modes of transport and new mobility services must be safe and secure by design
  2. The benefits of innovation in mobility must be available to all parts of the UK and society
  3. Cycling, walking and active travel must remain the the best options for short urban journeys
  4. Mass transit must remain fundamental to an efficient transport system
  5. New mobility services must lead the transition to zero emissions
  6. Mobility innovation must help to reduce congestion through more efficient use of limited road space, for example through sharing rides, increasing occupancy or consolidating freight
  7. The marketplace for mobility must be open to stimulate innovation and give the best deal to consumers
  8. New mobility services must be designed to operate as part of an integrated transport system combining public, private and multiple modes for transport users
  9. Data from new mobility services must be shared where appropriate to improve choice and the operation of the transport system

Furthermore, the review focuses on three priority areas; Buses, taxis and private hire vehicles, micromobility and mobility as a service. To present this, the government have divided the review into five parts:

Part 1 – sets the background for where changes in transport are occurring & the governments approach to addressing them

Part 2 – micromobility

Part 3 – looks at views on flexible bus regulations as part of the buses, taxis and private hire vehicles workstream

Part 4 – Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Part 5 – informs on the wider work of the Future of Transport Regulatory Review.

If you would like to read more on the Review, you can find the full document here.

Categories: Environment, Sustainability
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