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Majority of the UK are unaware of the Net Zero concept

Last week, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Public Attitudes Tracker found that 64% of the British public don’t understand the net zero target. Only 35% of the respondents felt that they understood the target with just 3% knowing a lot about it.

Furthermore, the survey also found that 76% are concerned about climate change with 53% believing that it’s having an impact ‘to a certain extent’ and a further 25% believe it’s affecting people in the UK a ‘great deal’.

In addition to this, the public did show more of an awareness of decarbonisation technologies with 46% aware of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and 89% aware of smart meters.

The percentage of respondents in favour of renewable energy, 83%, remains the same as last years study. Despite this figure remaining the same, many respondents have changed their daily habits to help combat climate change. It was found that 54% try and minimise food waste, 51% monitor energy usage at home and 46% cycle, walk or use public transport rather than use a car.

Find out more on these findings here. 

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