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Day 1 Achieving a Sustainable Energy Future

To kick off the UKUPC festive campaign we will be demonstrating how TEC is providing our Members and the Sector with sustainable energy solutions highlighting responsible procurement and social and environmental value.

Sustainability is the forefront of both our mission and vision statement, we harness our expertise to achieve a sustainable and secure energy future. TEC aims to manage its operations, and those of the selected framework suppliers, in ways that are environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and socially responsible.

How are we procuring energy to achieve a sustainable energy future?

Scope 2 emissions

TEC’s approach to securing renewable energy for our members via our frameworks ensures no “greenwashing”. This is because electricity supplied through our Power Purchase Agreements which are directly with renewable generators is from specific UK Renewable sources from specific windfarms and backed by a bundled Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) which remains with the electricity and cannot be resold.

For those not signed to the PPA, there is the option of renewable power from renewable sources including wind, solar and hydro-electric but also electricity generated using gases (including methane from landfill and anaerobic digestion).

Finally a half-way house comes with the availability of a so called “Clean-Tech REGO” product, electricity generated in fully renewable facilities, including onshore and offshore wind and solar parks but excluding electricity generated with renewable gases.

All these requirements are hard-coded into our framework specifications, with bidding suppliers offering the widest and most cost effective renewable energy solutions receiving the highest scores in our evaluation. And it’s not just in the current framework – it will remain a requirement of future frameworks too.

Without off-takers such as TEC members, there would be less investment in new-to-earth renewable electricity which is designed to assist in the UK, European and global aspiration of carbon reduction so we can genuinely state that electricity supplies through the TEC framework are a contributor to our collective climate change mitigation and carbon reduction goals.

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