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Covid-19 and its effects on COP26 summit

With the effect of Covid-19 sweeping the globe, we are seeing events worldwide being postponed and cancelled. Included in this could be the November COP26 Summit.

This worry comes as a result of the body, UN Climate Change, postponing all meetings until the earliest of May. Therefore, this delay has caused thoughts that the landmark COP26 Summit itself may also be cancelled or delayed. An additional factor in this thought process is that Italy was meant to co-host the event, but in recent events they have been the EU country hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) quizzed COP experts to assess how they can still make the COP26 event successful. As a result, they found that only having government representatives at the event would greatly reduce the impact. This would be due to fewer challenges over policies along with lacking legitimacy without input from the general population. Along with these factors, it is ultimately believed that a conference call between 195 governments would not be feasible.

What do you think will happen to COP26?

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