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Community solar farm launched in Devon

The Creacombe community solar farm is now up and running.

The project was completed in two sections;

  • The first 4.4MW section was commissioned at the end of December 2019
  • The second 2.6MW section was commissioned in January 2020.

The 7.3MW ground mounted solar farm has been developed by Community Owned Renewable Energy Partners (CORE) and Yealm Community Energy (YCE).

As a result of the launch the developers are planning to make the farm open for community investment by the summer. Furthermore, the profits made from community ownership will be invested back into the community. Examples of investment ideas are; green power, electric vehicles and energy efficiency. All initiatives are for the purpose of tackling climate issues.

In addition to this, the solar farms will generate enough electricity to supply the five local parishes, helping to meet net-zero targets.

For more information on this development, please head to http://bit.ly/2OJIsbw

Categories: Environment, Sustainability, Electricity, Energy (General)
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