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Cities are planning for a green recovery

Environmental initiatives are already being mapped out for cities around the globe in a post-pandemic world.

Major cities within the US, Europe and Africa came together to support low-carbon, sustainable recovery plans following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the Mayors that took part in the economic taskforce trust that these schemes will pave the way for the radical long-term measures that will enable us to tackle inequality and the climate crisis.

As a result of the meeting, cities worldwide are looking at a range of measures, from solar and wind investments to retrofitting programmes. The Mayor of Milan commented:

“Our immediate priority is to protect the health of our residents and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we must also look towards how we will keep our people safe in the future. How we structure our recovery efforts will define our cities for decades to come.”

So what is the UK planning on doing?

Well, cities throughout the country are planning to pedestrianise city centre areas, widen pavements and improve walking and cycling. Included in this is Scotland who have pledged £10 million for creating pop-up walking and cycling routes whilst Mayors in Northern England are looking to create programmes to retrofit homes with renewable energy technology.

For more information on this, please head to the Guardian here. 

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