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CERG urge Scottish Government to publish budget for climate change plans

The Climate Emergency Response Group (CERG) has called for the Scottish Government to publish their budget that will support their journey to net-zero emissions by 2045.

CERG’s report provides an estimate for the public spend needed to achieve the 12 actions in the Government programme.

The report details that between £1.8-£3.6 billion of GDP would need to be spent on these actions each year to achieve net-zero carbon.

Some of the proposals put forward include:

  • Zero emissions cities – funding to support Scottish cities in being vehicle emission free by 2030
  • Agriculture – a £100 million Agricultural Transformation Fund
  • Building retrofit – focus on improving energy efficiency in buildings

The 12 actions outlined in this proposal aren’t the full extent of Scotland’s plans to achieve net-zero by 2045, they also plan to develop and enhance existing initiatives too.

To read more on these plans and comments from CERG’s members, please visit http://bit.ly/2tZeqZO

Categories: Finance, Environment, Sustainability
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