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Can we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic to create a more sustainable future?

Day to day life has changed for everyone during the pandemic. At first, this was a shock to the system, but we are now months down the line and we have seen the benefits that the environment reaps in the absence of human interaction.

So, as we move into the future, can we transfer some of these changes to create a more sustainable world?

There was an estimated 5% reduction in global emissions in quarter 1 of 2020. At peak pandemic China saw a reduction of 25% in carbon emissions and New York saw a 50% drop in carbon monoxide in just one week. In addition to this, Italy and the UK have seen levels of methane and nitrogen plummet. This proves that emissions reduction is possible but to keep up the recent behaviours that have resulted in this change is unrealistic.

So what can we do moving forwards?

Change our mindset: we need to balance people, the planet and profit.

Smarter about consumption: be more aware of consumption, be more efficient and waste less.

Rebuild correctly: choosing sustainable services and products.

It can be done together: we can do more when we are united.

If you would like to read more advice on the recovery, follow this link.


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