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£60m worth of energy is wasted by businesses in UK

It has been found that office buildings in the UK are wasting approximately £60 million worth of energy every year.

Wasted energy in London is costing business around £35 million which equates to powering 65,000 homes. As a result, they are emitting the same carbon emissions as 46,000 cars each year.

Alongside this, businesses in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds are wasting £25 million equating to powering 42,000 homes.

Despite these figures, it’s been found that little to no action is being taken, with most commercial buildings in the UK being incredibly inefficient.

Digital technologies such as sensors have been developed and are seen as a simple solution to this issue. Not only will they save businesses money but they will also save carbon emissions.

The use of these technologies is proven, as seen in Australia over the last 13 years as they reduced their energy use by 40%.

If applied to UK commercial buildings, they could save up to 14%. This, for example, could save businesses in London approximately £13 million in energy in a year.

The need to cut this wasted energy use is essential in reaching the Governments carbon targets.

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