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100MW of energy storage has been ordered from Wärtsilä by Pivot Power

Pivot Power are a company that specialises in battery storage and EV charging infrastructure. They have partnered with Wärtsilä in order to produce 100MW of energy storage in the UK.

This partnership is a result of the first national grid-scale batteries and high volume power connections that Pivot Power are developing.

Following this development, their first two projects in Kent and Oxford will be in operation by the end of this year.

Further to this, Wärtsilä will support the project through a 10 year service agreement which includes flexible performance guarantees.

This project will ensure reliability and flexible capacity whilst supporting renewable energy and EV charging infrastructure. These qualities come at a time of expansion for the EV industry. 2020 has been deemed “the year of the electric car” by industry analysts.

For more information on this partnership, you can read more here. 

Categories: Sustainability, Electricity, Energy (General)
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