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UKUPC Mental Health Awareness Week: Day 1 – Mental Health and Wellbeing for the mind and body with NEUPC and NWUPC

As part of UKUPC’s commitment to our members to share knowledge and best practice, while supporting the wider procurement community, we are delighted that NEUPC and NWUPC are kicking off Mental Health Awareness Week.

Do not Forget to register for this week’s UKUPC Webinar Loneliness and Connection hosted by HEPCW on Friday 13 May 2022 from 10am. To find out more and register your FREE place go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ukupc-webinar-loneliness-and-connection-tickets-325870325917

On Day 1 we look back at the 2021 NUPC joint conference hosted by NEUPC and NWUPC and two fantastic sessions that focused on improving mental health and wellbeing.

1st Session: Working from home workout for mental health and wellbeing

It is important to recognise how your mental health and wellbeing benefits from being active. Taking part in exercise can help to reduce anxiety and depression along with improving self-esteem. With changes to working patterns and the introduction of hybrid working, its vital to still make time for fitness!

Check out this fun 10-minute working from home workout session for all ages and abilities to get moving, and start your day off on the right track with Kingsley Simmons from SimFit to help: Improve concentration

  • Increase moral
  • Increase productivity
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Faster learning
  • Prolonged mental stamina
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lower stress
  • Better work performance


2nd Session: Agile Working Body and Mind

As many of us have continued to work from home and agile or hybrid working have seen many teams with working hours split between the office and home. Working in an agile way brings some foreseeable mental challenges.

In this recorded session Zainah opens up the conversation, helping members identify potential mental health needs whilst embracing agile working. You will leave the session feeling empowered to manage the challenges of agile working, with a combination of practical techniques and self-care exercises enabling you to diffuse anxiety and stress and create focus when faced with this new reality.


This year Zainah once again supported NEUPC at their recent conference on 26 April 2022 with a workshop on Settling Busy Minds: Reducing and Diffusing Daily Stressors that introduced and explored what good wellbeing looks like on an individual and professional level, while giving members the opportunity to safely consider and share professional experiences of working with high levels of stress. The slides from this session can be accessed here.

This week we explore loneliness and connections and what better way to network and engage with fellow HE procurement professions than by attending the NWUPC’s conference on Tuesday 21 June at the University of Manchester? You can now register for your FREE place here. There is a wide range of workshops that focus on the theme of Risk, Action and Grow, as well as a fantastic supplier exhibition.

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