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UK Universities Purchasing Consortia Impact Statement

TEC is pleased to bring you this year’s UKUPC (UK Universities Purchasing Consortium) UKUPC Impact Statement 2019-20, highlighting how institutions like yours have benefited through consortia collaboration. 

UKUPC is a partnership between eight UK purchasing consortia created to support collaborative procurement within Higher and Further Education.  We work together to share knowledge and best practice, to help each other and our wider procurement community.  

Here are a few highlights, but please do read more within the report:

  • Members spent £1.4BN through consortia frameworks and achieved £74.8M in cashable savings and £118.6M in non-cashable/process savings.
  • Members had access to over 150 agreements covering a wide range of strategic spend areas for your institution.
  • Members accessed risk assessments and best practice guides, along with guidance and support to address significant challenges such as COVID-19, Brexit and the responsible procurement agenda.

“On behalf of the UKUPC Board I am delighted to share the UKUPC Impact Statement for 2019/20. During this last year, the Higher Education sector has faced several significant challenges. The Impact Statement provides a summary of how UKUPC partners and our suppliers have worked together to help members prepare for Brexit, and the collaboration undertaken across UKUPC organisations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This year’s statement highlights the benefits for our members of the work undertaken by the UKUPC Board and the groups operating under it”.

Julie-Ann Garton

Chair – UKUPC (UK Universities Purchasing Consortia) & Managing Director – NWUPC Ltd (North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium)

For further information about UKUPC and the work taking place, keep an eye out for the next edition of our newsletter due for publication in April or visit https://link.edgepilot.com/s/5e598157/Xm6QmDXGQUW3g4EFUWHrCw?u=http://www.ukupc.ac.uk/.

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