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UK storms generate record renewable energy for Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy saw renewable energy generation increase by 269% in February. This is in comparison to the same time period last year.

The increase has been attributed to recent UK storms along with an increase in Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with UK wind farms.

Furthermore, the renewable energy that was generated exceeded the previous three February’s combined.

Simon Proctor, Head of Renewables at Bristol Energy, added:

“We were pleased to launch three our new green energy tariffs earlier this year, which are largely focused on sourcing renewable energy directly from independent generators, encouraging local and national customers to choose green and do their bit for the planet. Bristol Energy continues to offer PPA’s to projects of all sizes, technologies and levels of export; helping our customers know where their clean energy is coming from.”

In addition to this, over half of the renewable energy was from wind at 56% whereas hydro power generated just 6%. Following closely behind, solar energy accounted for 5.9% with the remaining energy generated by other sources.

If you want to read the full press release, follow this link to Bristol Energy. 

Categories: Sustainability, Energy (General)
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