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UK could fall short of targets due to delayed approval for offshore wind installations

Analytics from GlobalData show that the UK could fall behind on their offshore and emissions targets. This will happen if delays to offshore wind projects continue. The delay in such developments could have a massive impact on the timeline of achieving set goals and may even impede future growth.

Specifically, GlobalData has predicted that the delays will stop the UK from achieving the goal of 40GW of offshore developments by 2030.

Power Analyst for GlobalData, Somik Das, commented:

“Further delays in approvals could lead developers to doubt the UK’s commitment to the offshore wind sector. This could also make it difficult for the UK to achieve its emission target – ‘UK 2050 net zero target’. Large offshore wind projects are essential to generate clean power on a scale that would likely help the nation decarbonise the economy and make significant advancements in the path of net-zero emissions.”

Source: Energy Live News

Categories: Sustainability, Electricity, Energy (General)
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