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The pandemic and its impact on this years energy usage

We know that each and every one of our members has been effected differently, but the impact on the whole portfolio during the period reported in our annual Benefits Statements is clear to see. At least on electricity…

Year-on-year electricity usage for members was down by 12%. The graph below clearly shows the period during which Covid-19 had its biggest impact.


What is less clear is the change in gas usage, down by only 0.4% across the reporting year. The change may also have been due to differences in weather and timing of holidays as much as lockdown, with usage between October 19 and February 20 actually being higher than in the same period in 18/19.


When we looked at the usage on an individual level, members saw variances of -44% to +18%. This is due to some institutions contributing to research and testing to fight Covid-19 which saw an increase in work hours.

The overall consumption for the full portfolio can be seen in the table below:


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