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Technology to improve energy efficiency in homes found

Research has been undertaken at the University of Salford to improve energy efficiency in homes.

The research team in the University of Salford’s Energy House put Thermocill to the test.

Thermocill is made from completely recycled plastic. The sustainable product has been created with the purpose to reduce a property’s carbon footprint by saving energy consumption.


How does it work?

It redirects heat in front of double glazed windows, tackling the ‘thermal hole’ where heat usually escapes. Therefore, it heats the room better and for longer.


What did the testing find?

  • Saves heating energy (depending on the room temperature setpoint) of between 16% at 21°c and 3.3% at 23°c
  • Reduces the warm up period in a room for example; got to 21°c in 78 minutes rather than 95
  • Diverts warm currents to the window and makes the temperature in window recesses higher without affecting room temperature
  • Reduces heat loss by 3% at 21°c and 1% at 23°c through windows, therefore increasing efficiency


Following this research, inventor Keith Rimmer’s product has been verified, with him commenting that is could revolutionise the home heating industry.

For more information on this research, please head over to The University of Salford’s new article.

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