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Renewables overtake fossil fuels in powering Britain

A study has found that renewable energy has overtaken fossil fuels for the first time. Renewable energy has been generating over 40% of Britain’s power for the first three months of the year.

February 2020 was the first month ever recorded to have more electricity produced by wind farms rather than gas-fired power stations. This was a result of the storms, making it the windiest and wettest February on record.

Further to this, the study also found that wind farms were running for top spot along with gas in the electricity mix. This is due to generating 30.5% of power.

Along with this, mid-week electricity demand fell by 13% which is the lowest level seen since 1982. This has been attributed to lockdown, as the reduction in transport services along with business and education use has plummeted.

Lead author of the quarterly Electric Insights reports, Iain Staffell, said:

“Britain’s electricity system is under pressure like never before, with both the country’s weather getting more extreme and a global pandemic testing its resolve.”

For more information, head over to Sky News here. 

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