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New partnerships are helping to forge ground-breaking carbon capture technologies

Drax Group, a negative emissions pioneer, continues to lead the way in carbon capture technology development.

They put UK businesses at the forefront by involving them in the fight against climate change. Most recently, Econic Technologies and Deep Branch Biotechnology have begun work with the group to develop new Carbon Capture technologies.

Their drive to succeed in these developments is driven by their target to become carbon negative by 2030.

Further to their recent work, they’re working with Econic Technologies to look at using captured carbon dioxide from its biomass power generation to displace oil in the production of plastic products.

This project allows the construction, consumer and automotive sectors a chance to develop sustainable products. As a result of this technology, almost 4 million petrol cars’ worth of CO2 per year could be saved.

In addition to this, a new pilot plant has been put in place at a power station in North Yorkshire. This project explores using CO2 emissions to make proteins for sustainable animal feed products. An idea that could help agriculture to decarbonise.

For more information on this research, head over to Drax.com

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