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National Trust launch one of UK’s largest woodland expansion projects

As the National Trust celebrates their 125th anniversary, they look into what their future will hold.

Climate change? Net zero targets? Expansion?

The Trust aims to achieve net zero through managing the carbon footprint along with investing in renewable energy.

To do this, they have decided to plant 20 million trees within the next 10 years.

Furthermore to this plan, they also intend to:

  • Campaign to inspire people to engage with nature
  • Introduce culture & heritage programmes
  • Develop ‘green space’ in urban areas

The woodland expansion is expected to reach more than 18,000 hectares. Strategically locking up 300,000 tonnes of carbon.

This results in a 7% increase in woodland on land that the charity cares for.

The National Trust expands on this topic further in their press release found at http://bit.ly/2uqeRwy

Categories: Environment, Sustainability
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