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Hydrogen task force calls on government to commit to spending £1bn

The Hydrogen task force has called on the government to commit to spending £1 billion on hydrogen production, storage and distribution projects.

The task force is promoting the green gas and how it can support the net zero 2050 goal.

Further to their launch in Parliament, they have released a report which details measures the government can put in place. These measures will mean the UK can capitalise on decarbonising cost-effectively whilst playing a leading role in the global market.

In addition to this, the cross-departmental Hydrogen strategy looks at developing financial support structures and safety regulations.

So, whats next?

Well, by 2025, the study calls for:

  • hydrogen heating to be taken through public trials
  • mandating hydrogen-ready boilers
  • collaboration to establish 100 hydrogen refuelling stations to support hydrogen transport

Following this, Jacob Young (MP for Redcar), stated that the UK cannot meet its net zero target without adopting hydrogen technology. Furthermore, he believes that supporting and developing hydrogen programmes will result in thousands of new green jobs and will mean the UK can lead the way for a hydrogen economy.

Source: Energy Live News



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