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Green transformers unveiled in bid to reduce carbon emissions

A programme has been launched to change all electrical transformers to more energy efficient models.

The innovative steel core transformers are being introduced to the industry by UK Power Networks. This programme comes as part of a £500 million investment into the electricity network and reaching the goal of net zero.

So far, 50 transformers have been installed but once completed the programme will have replaced around 15,000. This will save over 8,500MWh every year resulting in a carbon saving of 2,200 tonnes per year.

Senior Assets Engineer for UK Power Networks, Paul Dyer, said:

“These amorphous steel transformers bring significant environmental benefits and their wider roll-out will be an important decarbonisation measure. This investment also helps reduce the energy that is usually lost while electricity is transported by 80%, and will play a key role in helping us cut carbon and deliver our Green Action Plan to improve local environments.”

Source: Future Net Zero 

Image Source: UK Power Networks

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