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Government announce development of £1.2 billion supercomputer

The £1.2 billion supercomputer will accurately predict severe weather. Additionally, it will predict the impacts of climate change.

This particular computer will be the fastest, most accurate model.

Furthermore, the computer will be operated by the Met Office. The data found will be used to:

  • provide more detailed information for the energy sector. This will allow the sector to manage blackouts and surges in energy
  • forecast weather at airports to help avoid disruptions
  • forecast more accurate rainfall, aiding in deploying flood defenses correctly

As well as this, the technology will solidify the UK’s data technology and supercomputing capabilities. An area of great importance in an ever changing technological world.

The supercomputer is also expected to be a catalyst for collaboration. It’s benefits will help the government, the public and the industry in decision making processes.

For more information on this, head over to the Governments Press Release.

Categories: Environment, Energy (General)
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