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Focus on sustainability and green energy highlighted following pandemic

Last week we celebrated World Environment Day. This day of focuses on bringing awareness and action to protect the environment.

Unlike any other year, this years World Environment Day comes during the Covid-19 pandemic, which in a turn of events has focused the global population on working together. Therefore, the world has seen what effect the human race has on communities and the economy.

So what changes in the environment has Covid-19 lead to?

Lower volume of operational transportation resulting in a 5% reduction in carbon emissions, wildlife returning to cleared waters and a drop in crude oil prices.

Despite this drop, it does not meet the 7.6% reduction recommended by scientists. With the lifting of lockdown looming in the future we face the question; will we return to normal or make the world a better place to live? Lockdown may have left us knowing that we don’t need all the resources we thought we did but it could also result in people not focusing on achieving net zero due to the global recession we may be left in.

If you would like to read more on the future possibilities of achieving net zero, follow this link here. 

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