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First contract for battery electric trains signed

Alstom have signed a contract to supply eleven battery-electric trains.

The deal means they will make, deliver and maintain the trains until 2032. The trains will run on the Leipzig – Chemnitz route and the two authorities responsible for this line are Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen (VMS) and Zweckverband für den Nahverkehrsraum Leipzig (ZVNL).

This new deal is a result of a contract signed by Alstom and VMS back in 2014. The original deal detailed that Alstom would supply 29 electric trains to cover the non-electrified route between Leipzig to Chemnitz. Despite this, VMS requested a battery-electric model (BEMU). So, following this request, the BEMU will come into operation in 2023.

Furthermore, the BEMU design will be similar to the Coradia Continental which is already running on the Dresden, Riesa and Zwickau routes. But, in addition to this design, the BEMU will feature high performing batteries on their roofs. This model of train has been available in Germany for over a year and rivals the performance of diesel trains whilst only emitting water.

Alstom pride themselves in their focus on sustainable mobility. They provide the best feasible solutions whilst also making them attractive and cost effective. These values have been demonstrated in the Coradia Continental BEMU range. The trains range will reach up to 120km and will reach speeds of 160km/h. Additionally, the 56m long trains feature 3 carriages and 150 seats. The BEMU’s have been designed to ensure than neither the performance or comfort were sacrificed.

For more information on these battery-electric trains, head over to Alstom.



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