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Education Connected Event

Energy & Education Conference!

If you’re booked onto our event please follow this link :- (Survey)

This takes you to a survey so you can choose which session you’re attending in our afternoon workshops. Please see below for more detail on each session.


Workshops 1st Session

Behavioural Change – Jes Rutter – JRP Consulting

​How can understanding behavioural change and energy use support you to develop a new approach? How can you enable people within an organisation to reduce their energy consumption and reduce energy bills in the process? What skills, tools and processes move an organisation from current state to the desired behavioural state?

​Implementing Renewable Energy Technology – Chris Trigg – Ongen

Renewable energy feasibility studies exploring the opportunities and benefits associated with implementing renewable energy technology. Support to both reduce reliance on fossil fuels, improving electrical infrastructure capacity and support for transformational projects that provide significant long term benefits.

BMS Optimisation – Gareth Rutter – Schneider

How optimising BMS software strategies and hardware devices can improve the energy-efficient control of your buildings. How this can deliver ‘on-going’ savings, without detriment to operational and environmental conditions, through maximising the operational efficiency.


Workshop Sessions 2

District Heat Networks – Lucy Padfield, Ramboll

What are the challenges of implementing District Heat Networks? How does the UK compare to other markets. How can Institutions get more involved in projects? What are the key factors you need to consider no matter your position in the network?

AMR DNA Gas and Electricity Analytics – George Catto, kWIQly

Looking at the successes of our artificial intelligence tool in the analytics of gas data from find through fix and onto proof of savings. The journey from pilot to rolled out service and what’s next for our members.

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