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Corporate Leaders Group calls for government to accelerate actions on climate change

A group of high-profile UK businesses came together last week, urging the government to deliver their plans for a net zero economy.

Ahead of the COP26 summit in November, the Corporate Leaders Group are calling on the prime minister to be a strong leader for climate action.

Furthermore, the briefing paper titled ‘Acting Together: How the UK can accelerate action to deliver a thriving net zero economy that works for all’ highlights that 2020 will be a “pivotal moment for the UK green economy and environment”.

Following this, the report continued that as a result of the 2050 target and the approaching UN climate summit, the UK needs to outline their net zero plan now more than ever.

In addition, the UK is praised within the report for delivering the fastest decarbonisation rate of any major economy.

Despite this, the report warns that to continue achieving this rate of decarbonisation the public will need to be more engaged. This engagement needs to include health, economic and environmental benefits. Further to this, the COP26 summit is expected to secure support from businesses, the public, politicians and the media.

The paper also details priorities for the government to focus on. These include:

  • deliver joined up infrastructure investment
  • improve green heating and building insulation
  • rewarding carbon sequestration and climate resilience in the agricultural sector
  • clear pathway to decarbonisation for heaving industries (e.g. steel, chemical and cement manufacture)

To read more on this paper, Business Green expands further.



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