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Collaboration to drive the design of the UK’s largest smart city regeneration project

SSE is a partner in the design of the UK’s largest smart city regeneration project.

Other partners include Cranfield University, Element Energy, Smarter Grid Solutions and Sweco UK with Peterborough Council driving the project.

The £2 million Peterborough Integrated Renewables Infrastructure (PIRI) project scheme will provide green electricity, heat and transport. In addition to this, it will also cut energy bills.

Furthermore, the two year project will take a holistic approach to integrating socio-technical elements to create a solution that will help councils reach net-zero targets.

Currently, the energy systems cannot deliver the energy efficiency needed to reach these targets. This is where the PIRI project comes in, by bringing energy generation, demand and storage together. With this in mind, these techniques will hopefully be particularly effective in areas where the electricity network is constrained along with providing an example for future developments across the UK.

The scheme will be partly funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and will unlock untold economic and social value for Peterborough from 2022.

To find out more about the PIRI project, you can read SSE’s press release online. 



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