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Can existing technologies be our key to reaching net zero?

Can we wait for new technologies to help us achieve net zero?

Well, group UK Fires doesn’t think so.

UK Fires is a collaboration between the universities of Cambridge, Nottingham, Bath, Oxford and Imperial College London.

Recently, they have published a report detailing opportunities for future growth and change in order to achieve decarbonisation.

The report highlights the popularity of developing new technologies to supply energy and drive economic growth rather than changing peoples lifestyles. Furthermore, they raise concerns on the timeline of getting these new technologies into operation on the scale they need to be, to be useful. Instead, they offer the point that switching to 100% electrification could cut global energy use by 60%.

They believe that net zero can only be achieved through cooperation between individuals, businesses and governments.

The switch to electrification could be easily adopted with small changes. These changes could range from efficient electric heat pumps to well designed, long lasting buildings, vehicles and equipment.

In addition, it is believed that all current uses of energy could be electrified by 2050 apart from air travel and shipping. It is unlikely that electric commercial air travel will be available within 30 years. The switch to sole use of electric vessels is also unlikely within this time frame.

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