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Can a flexible energy system help achieve net zero?

Last week, a new cross sector consortium led by The Carbon Trust, launched a project that explores the role of a flexible energy system in achieving net zero.

The project will look at how different sources of flexibility across the transport, heat and power sectors can reduce overall system costs to consumers. In addition to this, the projects will also look at the business models needed to deliver an integrated flexible system.

This project follows the reports from The Carbon Trust in 2016 stating that the cost of a future energy system could be reduced by £40 billion with greater flexibility and implementation of storage.

The consortium included a range of energy professionals such as: Bryt Energy, EDF Energy, the Greater London Authority, the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers, SBM Offshore, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, SP Energy Networks, Statera Energy, UK Power Networks, and Western Power Distribution.

The findings will be published in 2021 and will inform policy makers and energy system stakeholders on net zero commitments, heat decarbonisation pathways and the transition to low emission transport options.

If you’d like to read more on this, head over to The Carbon Trust’s website.

Categories: Environment, Sustainability, Energy (General)
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