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C-19 Business Pledge

The C-19 Business Pledge aims to encourage Universities and businesses to make a commitment in doing whatever good they can during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The pledge has been constructed to help the country in the immediate and future challenges of the virus. Over the medium to long term, businesses play a lead role in rebuilding society.

Further to this, the pledge believes there is three ways that businesses can have an impact:

  • Employees – businesses can develop Action Plans to support their own staff throughout this period in time. This can range from practical support, advice on financial security, mental health, personal well-being along with integration back into work for people who have had time away from work.
  • Customers – businesses can publish clear advice for customers. If possible, they should have specialist teams dedicated to supporting customers. The support could include prioritising customers who are isolated and vulnerable.
  • Community – businesses can commit to help Britain through the Coronavirus pandemic. In the near future, it is likely to see an increase in isolation, loneliness, mental health and household financial issues. Therefore, the need for communities to come together to support vulnerable citizens.

If you would like to read more about the C-19 business pledge, how it was started and what they plan on doing, head over to the C-19 Business Pledge website here. 

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