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Business Continuity

Business as usual for The Energy Consortium (TEC) as the team switch to home working

In accordance with our business continuity policy and in line with the latest advice from the UK Government and Public Health England I can confirm that the TEC team are now working from home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All team members are able to work remotely from home on laptops and other equipment allowing us to continue as normal. Our office telephony system has had incoming lines diverted to key staff mobiles. In addition access to all our work files is via the cloud using Office 365, as well as critical trading systems to allow us to continue to risk manage members’ forward energy positions.

Communication via phone and email to your normal contacts will be maintained, with staff covering for any colleagues who may be ill.

We have also been assured that our framework providers will continue to provide a full service with a mixture of home and office working for all staff.

Of course we will maintain our situation and update as necessary, with the expectation that this situation could continue for at least weeks if not longer.

Richard Murphy

Managing Director

The Energy Consortium (TEC)

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