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BEIS Energy Trends – December 2019

BEIS have released their December 2019 energy trends and we want to share the highlights with you!

Renewables have come through with some great stats! BEIS found that renewable electricity capacity hit 46.9 GW and generation hit 28.8 TWh with offshore wind generation exceeding onshore wind for the first time ever. In addition to this, the renewable share of electricity accounted for a record 38.9%. They found that wind remains the leader of renewable energy generation, accounting for 19% of total generation, closely following by bioenergy at 12%. In regards to other renewable sources, solar photovoltaics generation decreased by 2.8% due to less average sunlight hours whilst hydro generation rose by 58% as the average rainfall was higher than previous years.

Alongside this, the low carbon electricity generation share rose to a record high of 57.3% whilst the generation share from fossil fuels hit an all time low of 40.1%.

Furthermore, final energy consumption figures (not including non-energy use) fell by 1.5%. Broken down they found that:

  • Domestic consumption fell by 2.4%
  • Industrial consumption fell by 2.2%
  • Transport consumption fell by 1.4%
  • Service consumption fell by 0.5%

To read the full report, head to www.gov.uk 

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