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2020 - Corporate Renewables

Corporate Renewables 2020 – (Attending)

Building on our success in implementing the groundbreaking UK first Renewable Aggregated PPA deal; two of our Senior Management Team – Richard Murphy – MD and Steve Creighton – Head of Member Services will be guest co-chairs on various sessions throughout the two-day event.

Shareholders, employees, customers and a wide range of stakeholders require corporates to show a tangible, impactful commitment to renewable energy. As global energy usage and needs are re-defined by these groups, corporates are increasingly focused on reducing their environmental footprint and securing lower energy costs.  Corporate PPAs enable companies to achieve their carbon emission reduction goals and are gaining momentum globally.

The size and frequency of deals have increased quickly in recent years to more complex and innovative buyer consortia, VFA and proxy swap agreements. However, in Europe the business model for PPAs is yet to reach its potential. The total volume of corporate renewable PPAs signed in Europe in 2018 amassed to 1.9 GW while in the States it reached 8.5 GW.

You’ll delve deep into European inter-connectedness and regulation, risk mitigation and creating strong partnerships between the procurer and generator. You’ll also analyse emerging contracts and the financial and operational benefits they offer corporates. The collegial discussion promotes transparent free flowing discussions in an informal setting and under strict Chatham House Rules.

Walk away from the event with a clear road map for your next negotiation and valuable intel on how others are creating cost effective, sustainable, green PPAs.

Event type: Estates, Environment, Sustainability Location: Novatel West
Address: One Shortlands, London, W6 8DR
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