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ENA commits to looking after their customers and colleagues during Coronavirus outbreak

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) have released a statement detailing how they will care for their customers and colleagues during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The statement details three key areas that they will be focusing on:

  • Keeping customers and colleagues safe
  • Keeping energy flowing to customers
  • Looking after the people most in need

They plan do this through prioritising the work they do. Therefore ensuring the reliable and safe supply of energy. Additionally, they covered that they will always prioritise gas leaks, power cuts and urgent safety issues.

Furthermore, they are in constant contact with their regulator, Ofgem and the government to manage the supply of energy.

Continuing on from this, they are urging people in the NHS ‘at risk’ category for Covid-19 to sign up for the Priority Services Register. The register provides a free additional service for customers in vulnerable positions should a power cut occur or if they lose their gas supply unexpectedly

In summary, Chief Executive of the ENA stated:

“These are challenging times for everyone and we want to reassure our customers and colleagues that our priority is keeping them safe, keeping energy flowing to homes, hospitals and other vital infrastructure and looking after those most in need.”

If you would like to read the full statement, head over to the Energy Networks Association here. 

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