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Emergency Student Support Fund – University of York

The current Covid-19 outbreak is causing issues in peoples lives all over the world.

One group of people who are facing financial difficulties are students.

Therefore, the University of York has launched an Emergency Student Support Fund.

The fund, which will consist of donations from friends and supporters of the university along with alumni, will provide grants of up to £500 per student.

As one of the first support schemes for students, it is hoped the fund will help those facing unexpected financial issues due to the virus outbreak.

Furthermore, all students who are currently registered at the University on a degree-awarding programme are able to apply.

Applications opened from 25th March 2020 and will be managed in rounds. In addition, the university will consider all applications but students in certain circumstances (e.g. students with children, disabilities, on medical degrees) will be assessed as a priority.

To read the full statement, please head over to the University of York’s website here. 

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