provider of energy solutions

Established in 1994, The Energy Consortium (TEC) began as an association at the University of Warwick, during the early days of de-regulation. As the EU tendering process for competitive energy tendering for Universities gathered pace, TEC’s membership base grew, and developed further into the wider FE sector. TEC is now regarded as one of the country’s leading proponents and providers of collaborative energy procurement in the public sector.

Securing value for money and reducing costs are the main priorities across the entire UK public sector, and TEC is recognised by Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group as a Public Sector Buying Organisation which complies with the Best Practice criteria for energy contracts.

For the purposes of the EU Procurement Regulations TEC’s legal status is that of an ‘Other Contracting Body’ meaning that other contracting bodies can utilise and access any OJEU Contract Award that TEC has completed.

TEC has over 180 Members and manages an annual energy contract worth over £160M. For years it operated exclusively in higher and further education (HE/FE) but, in recent years, has welcomed Members from the wider public sector.

As a ‘not for profit’ body, TEC offers far greater transparency and accountability in its activities; and policy decisions are made with the interests of the Membership as a key priority.

Member institutions have voting rights on both the governance and policy of TEC, and as a not for profit organisation, members can fully trust in the transparency of the management and that policy decisions are taken with the benefit to the membership as a key priority.

The TEC team provides an outstanding resource to the membership, ensuring that all aspects of energy cost management and procurement are delivered effectively.

This combination of expertise in energy cost management combined with extensive education and public sector experience ensure that TEC fully understands the needs of their membership resulting in the highest possible standard of service.